Hazard Perception in Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit app


We recommend that you begin by watching the DVSA’s Hazard Perception introductory video. This will help you to get a better understanding of what you should be looking for, when to click and how to respond to developing hazards whilst out on the roads.

Practise clips

This app contains numerous interactive video clips that will help to prepare you for your Hazard Perception Test, including all the revision CGI clips produced by the DVSA and many more live action (dash cam) videos which help you prepare more completely for driving on the road. When you spot something that you think may develop into a hazard, tap the screen.
In order to score the maximum points, it is important that you tap as early as possible within the developing hazard.

The scoring window

It is possible that even though you have spotted a hazard and tapped the screen, you may have tapped before the scoring window has opened. In this case, unless you tap again as the hazard develops, you will score zero.
In the same way, if you tapped after the scoring window has closed, then you will again score zero for that clip.
Check out this article and this video for more information on when to tap/click.

Double hazard

In the official DVSA test, one of the hazard clips contains TWO developing hazards, so it is crucial that you continue to watch every clip all the way to the end, even if you are confident that you have already seen and reacted to a developing hazard.
Most, if not all of the videos contain more than one item that could be considered to be a hazard. Don’t be afraid to tap the screen when you think you see a hazard.
It is better to tap and be wrong, than to not tap and score zero. However, be careful not to tap in succession too many times as this could be seen as cheating and you will score zero for the clip.

Review mode

At the end of each video we strongly advise you to review each clip, this will help you to understand where the hazard occurred and how it developed. You will notice a timeline at the bottom of the screen indicating where the scoring window opened.
If you tapped the screen at the beginning of the scoring window you will have scored the maximum five points. The longer you take to recognise the hazard, the lower your score will be.

Red circles

These indicate a developing hazard and highlight the scoreable hazard in each clip. This hazard has the highest potential to result in a collision if no action is taken by you, the driver.
Remember, a developing hazard is something that makes you change your speed, adjust the position of your car, or even to stop.

Amber circles

These highlight other potential hazards in each clip. As a driver, it’s important that you are fully aware of such hazards, as these could change into a serious or dangerous hazard at any time, resulting in you having to take further action, such as changing speed or direction.

Monitor your progress

This app contains a progress monitor that will allow you to keep a track of your score and see how your hazard perception skills are developing over time. To view the statistics for each clip, simply tap the arrows next to the video thumbnail within the progress monitor.

Reset your scores

To reset your scores and clear your data within the progress monitor, go to Settings from the main menu.

Mock Test

You will be presented with a set of video clips to match the vehicle type that you select. All clips within the mock test will start automatically one after the other. Once you have seen all the clips your mock test will come to an end and you will be presented with your score. We strongly recommend that you review each clip to help you improve your knowledge and understanding.
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