Amending your driving test without losing the booking fee

If you want to amend your driving test without losing the booking fee you’ll have to do it within three days of your original test, but that’s not all you have to consider…

If for any reason your circumstances alter, you can change your Driving Test to a different time or date. As long as you change your booking within three clear working days of your original test date you will not have to pay any additional fees. Always remember to check with your driving instructor to ensure that they are free on your amended test date.

In order to change your driving test you will need two of the following three details:

  • Your valid provisional driving licence number (Great Britain or Northern Ireland)
  • Your reference number
  • Your Theory Test pass certificate number

You can change your Practical Driving Test appointment six times. After this, you will need to cancel your test and book a new one.

I want to change the date of my practical driving test booking

Cancelling your Driving Test

The DVSA announced back in April 2014, that people with specific circumstances who need to cancel their test without the three or more days notice will not lose their booking fee.

Candidates who cannot make their test and need to cancel or rebook without being able to give three working days notice can ask for a rebooking at no extra charge if they have:

– A medically certified illness

– A bereavement

– School exams

– Called for duty as a member of armed forces

This recent change has been welcomed by driving instructors who have had students in the past lose their test fee due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Motor Schools Association general manager John Lepine described these changes as ‘commonsense measures.. particularly in the case of sudden illness and bereavements’. He further commented that these changes had been something the MSA had been asking for some time.

The new flexibility in test cancellations, unfortunately, does not extend to driving instructors taking their Check Test and this is something the MSA’s John Lepine would like to see in the future. He said that; “It would be even better if it were to be followed by a similar stance over the question of cancelled Standard Checks, where often the instructors have no choice other than to pull out of the check on their ability to instruct when a pupil falls ill or cancels a lesson”.

If you need to rebook your Practical Driving Test outside of the required three working days notice and believe that you fall into one of the four categories to get a free rebooking then you should contact the DVSA directly by clicking here.

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