Are you looking for ways to make your full tank last that little bit longer?

As fuel prices continue to rocket, we are all searching for new ways to reduce how much we are spending each week filling up our tanks.

The price of fuel is increasing by the day with petrol now over £1.90 per litre and diesel close to £2. For some, the price surge has even been preventing weekly commutes to work as it is just too expensive to manage.

However, there are some things that you can do to cut costs amid the fuel crisis:

Shop around

Thes AA released monthly figures outlining the cheapest places to buy fuel. Supermarkets are almost always the cheapest place to go! Try and kill two birds with one stone by filling up when doing your food shop.

Keep it smooth

Light acceleration, avoiding excessive speeds, and light braking are all things that can maximise your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Did you know, many cars are most efficient when driven between 45mph and 50mph?

Can you carpool?

Reduce the amount of time you are on the road. For the commute to work, why not try to set up carpools with neighbouring co-workers to save you both a bit of money and time too!

Remove any unnecessary weight

When not in use be sure to remove roof boxes as they cause wind resistance and raise fuel consumption. According to the Energy Saving Trust, empty roof racks add 16% drag when driving above 70mph! Think about inside your car too; declutter. Unnecessary weight means more fuel is needed to power your car.

Crack the windows!

As it is heating up for summer we can all be tempted to blast on the air con. But many didn’t even know that air con is powered by your fuel, so be careful how much you use it because it quickly drains fuel.

Is the pressure right?

Under inflated or over inflated tyres cut fuel economy. You can check in your owner’s manual the desired tyre pressure for your car’s type.

Do you need to make this journey?

Is your destination within walking or cycling distance? If so, why not save that bit of fuel for a more worthy trip?

The best way to save money on fuel is to use your common sense. Look into changing to a fuel-efficient vehicle, practice safe driving and be in tune with your car’s performance; get the most miles out of every gallon that you can.

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