The ‘are you ready for your test’ checklist

Learning to drive is a necessity for many, but it can initially seem a little daunting.

Since the pandemic, there has been a huge rush to secure test dates for many learners around the UK. But with this rush, we have seen a decrease in pass rates.

From January 2022 to March 2022, the driving pass rate was 47.1%, down from 48.1% the previous quarter.

According to new data from the Department for Transport (DfT), there were 786,400 failed driving tests between April 2021 and March 2022.

Out of those that failed, there were a staggering 168,583 tests where driving examiners needed to intervene to avoid a dangerous incident.

One in five tests had the examiner take action which resulted in a fail.

Are you booking your test too early just so you can secure a closer test date?

Here are five things to look out for that might indicate you need a little longer before you take your Practical Test.

Are you thinking for yourself? 

Learning to drive takes a lot of time and a lot of practise. When you come to book your test you need to be comfortable with driving independently and shouldn’t still be relying on your instructor for prompts. Driving lessons aren’t just to gear you up for your test, they are setting you up with the skills that you need for life.

Did you know, in a recent study, one in ten said they failed their test because of nerves. 

How are your nerves?

How do you feel when you approach a big round about or taking a sharp turn? Do you dread a specific route because there is a scary hill start? If these are the kind of things that you think about on your lessons then you maybe should think about pushing your test back. Some suffer more than others with nerves and anxiety, so why not look into proven methods that can help you control your emotions, with industry expert Diane Hall. Find out more here.

Do you have the green light?

You should not be booking your test without having the go ahead from your instructor. Your instructor will know more than anyone if you are ready or not to sit your test; taking their advice will seriously help you. If you need more practise, why not look at getting insured on a family member or friend’s car? Get your Temporary Learner Insurance here.

Be ready for everything. 

As you will have learned from your Hazard Perception Test and your actual lessons, the roads are full of unpredictable things. You need to be ready to take control of these situations. You need to feel confident that you will be able to react safely.

Has everything been covered?

Your driving lessons are designed to cover all basis of real life driving experience. You will cover all different types of roads, manoeuvres, roundabouts, terrains, weather and the list goes on. You need practise in all of these things. Cutting short your lessons to rush booking your test will do more damage in the long run. Think about longevity, driving isn’t just for one day it is for a lifetime.

If you aren’t confident in the above we would strongly recommend talking to your instructor about moving your date. Don’t be worried about the delay, it will happen when it happens, it is a process that cannot be rushed.

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