Beware of Fraudulent Theory & Driving Test Booking Websites

An increasing number of learner drivers are falling foul of charge to book driving and Theory Test websites

Find out how to protect yourself from fraudulent theory & driving test booking websites here…

Almost every day we hear from learners who have paid money to book their test; not realising they were not booking it with the DVSA but through a third party website.

These websites are charging for something that people can do for free themselves and with total ease. Many people are calling for the DVSA to shut these websites down.

The individuals behind these pay-to-book websites will argue that they are offering a legitimate service, and as with any service, they should be free to make a profit from it. Which is a fair point, but a point which falls down when you consider that they all operate in such a way to con people into thinking that they are booking with the DVSA directly.

If they were offering a legitimate service, why would they need to employ nefarious tactics to gain money?

The fact of the matter is that these websites, which claim to be offering a legitimate service are doing so in what can reasonably be described as a ‘purposefully dishonest manner’.

Make sure you use the official website when booking your test to ensure you’re not using a middle man.

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