Big changes coming to UK Driving Tests!

Big changes coming to UK Driving Tests!

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have said to be making some changes to how and when you book your Driving Test.

Several proposals have been outlined to be introduced in the upcoming months, including:

Longer wait times. 

If you, unfortunately, fail your Driving Test, you will have to wait 28 working days before having access to book another test. At the moment the wait time is only 10 working days.

This is being introduced to help encourage learners to spend more time practising before taking another test, hopefully increasing their chances of passing.

Shorter cancellation times. 

If you need to move or cancel your Driving Test you will need to notify the DVSA at least 10 full working days before the test date to avoid you losing your test fee. Right now you only have to give three full working days’ notice.

Having a larger notice period helps the DVSA reallocate your slot to another learner who is ready and waiting for a test date.

Eyesight checks.

Currently, eyesight checks happen at the beginning of the test during daylight, where you’ll be asked to read a number plate from a parked vehicle 20 metres away. If you get it wrong three times then you will have your test terminated on the spot and your test will not go ahead.

It is said that this might change so that eyesight tests can be carried out in any level of light. This will expand the availability of Driving Tests in different conditions and at other times of the day.

Certificate displayed.

Driving instructors will now have to display their professional certificate on the windscreen of their car when bringing you for your test.

This is so the DVSA will be able to note your performance and how it reflects your instructor and their teachings. This will help them see if pupils are making similar mistakes as each others from that particular instructor.


Instead of receiving your paper certificate after both your Theory and Practical Test, you will now only be given a digital pass certificate. This is simply to save costs and to create a more sustainable solution.

These changes haven’t been implemented yet, as official dates are still waiting to be announced. Speak to your instructor about them and ask them any questions you may have.

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