Complete Guide to the LGV Theory Test

Are you preparing to take the LGV Theory Test (Parts 1a and 1b)? Our complete guide arms you with all the information you need to ensure you get that 1st-time pass…

Passing the LGV Theory Test is the first step in that all-important route to becoming a professional driver; launching a career that could last a lifetime.

In this article, we’ll concentrate on the LGV or HGV Theory Test itself (not forgetting the PCV Theory Test), which is a part of the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification.

You’ll need to pass all parts of the Driver CPC to gain your professional licence, which is explained further in our Driver CPC guide.

The LGV Theory Test and PCV Theory Test is made up of two parts:

  • Part 1a – a multiple-choice section
  • Part 1b – a Hazard Perception section.

Both parts can be taken at different times, but you must pass BOTH parts within 24 months to acquire a pass.

How much is the LGV Theory Test?

Part 1a will cost £26 to sit, whereas Part 1b costs £11.

What happens on the LGV Theory Test – Multiple Choice (Part 1a)?

Before the Theory Test begins you will be told exactly how it works, and you can also choose to go through a practice session so you know what to expect. At the end of this session, the real test will begin.

During the test, a question will appear on-screen along with several possible answers. You must select the correct answer by touching the screen or using the mouse.

Some questions require more than one answer but this will be clearly stated so it’s important to read the question properly.

You will be asked 100 questions in 1 hour and 55 minutes.

If you’re unsure of an answer to a question, you can ‘flag’ it and come back to it.

What’s the pass mark for the LGV Theory Test Part 1a?

The pass mark for the multiple-choice section of the Theory Test is 85 out of 100, so it’s vital you’ve completed lots of revision!

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What happens on the LGV Hazard Perception Test 1b (the Hazard Perception part)?

To begin, you will be shown a short video clip which shows how the Hazard Perception Test works.

You will then go through 19 video clips which feature everyday road scenes.

In each clip, there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two; so it’s important to click each and every time you believe there is a hazard.

There is a window of opportunity where a hazard is present and you must click when you see it!

If you click the mouse at the beginning of this window; i.e. when the hazard has first appeared, you will score the maximum amount of points.

If you don’t click right away, you will score fewer points, and if you click too late in the scoring window you will score zero.

The maximum points you can score on each hazard is five.

What’s the pass mark for the LGV Hazard Perception Test Part 1b?

The current pass mark for the Hazard Perception part of the Theory Test is 67 out of 100.

People often find this part of the test more difficult than the multiple-choice because there are no right or wrong answers; it is simply a case of clicking as soon as you see the hazard developing.

Read our separate Hazard Perception Test explanation for more information.

Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of what’s expected of you by using the hundreds of professionally filmed hazard perception clips within Driving Test Success products.

What happens at the end of the LGV Theory Test?

When you have finished the test you may leave the examination room, but once you have left the room, you can not re-enter.

You will then be given your result letter by a member of the test centre staff that tells you if you have passed or failed.

You’ll be provided with important feedback on your test including in which topics you answered questions incorrectly.

So, if you haven’t passed, you know which sections you need to revise more thoroughly for the next time.

What happens if you pass the LGV Theory Test?

You will receive a “pass letter” detailing the results of your test.

When you have passed both the Theory and Hazard Perception parts of the test, you will receive your Theory Test certificate which includes a reference number.

You will need to quote this number when you book your Practical Test.

Your Theory Test certificate is valid for two years from the date you passed the first part of the test – the multiple-choice test.

If you do not take your Practical Test within this two year period you will have to take another Theory and Hazard Perception Test. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What should I do if I fail the LGV Theory Test?

If you fail you should look at the feedback on the letter you have been given and find out why you failed.

Concentrating on the topics that let you down will give you the focus to target those areas for the next time.

If you’re using one of our revision and training products you’re 3 times more likely to pass the first time, so we would urge you to utilise all the features available and make sure you’re passing the mock tests consistently.

If you want to book another Theory Test you can book it straight away, but you cannot take it for another three clear working days.

So, if you failed your first test on a Monday afternoon, you will have to wait until Friday morning before you can try again.

We hope you’ve found this guide informative, but please do contact us or leave a comment if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

Remember to view our range of products developed to get that first-time pass: LGV and PCV Theory Test Revision Tools.

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