Driving myths you need to know!

Learning to drive comes with many myths and preconceptions.

Knowing the truth behind them can actually help you pass your Driving Test, here, we debunk the top five most common Driving Test myths…

“Examiners can only pass a certain amount of people each week.”

Over 300,000 people have failed their driving test since 2021, and people are still thinking this is down to the fact that examiners can only pass a certain number of people; this is not true!

We have all heard the classic ‘book your driving test at the start of the month so you have more chance of passing,’ this is a myth!

If you fail your Driving Test, this is down to an error made by you, not the number of people who have already passed that week.

“If you stall, you fail.”

Stalling is common, and even the most experienced drivers do it. Stalling on your test will not automatically fail you unless it happens in a dangerous circumstance like on a roundabout.

The way you compose yourself and carry on is what your examiner cares about. If you recover safely and calmly then it won’t impact your chances of passing.

“If you drive slow you’ll more likely pass.”

Again, this is another false fact. Driving too slow in some cases can actually be deemed as dangerous driving, especially if other motorists are travelling at a fast speed.

Stick to the speed limit when driving; don’t go too slow but at the same time the limit is not a target. Keep a safe speed depending on the road you’re on.

“Learn the test route before your test.”

Practising the routes that your friends and family had for their test seems smart but it has little benefit. Not all tests are the same and the chance of getting the same route as someone you know is highly unlikely.

Focus on all possible test routes, not just one.

“Instructors make you take more lessons than you need.”

Another myth that often circulates is that instructors try and delay you sitting your test so they can get more hours out of you.

This is incredibly far from the truth. Demand for driving instructors is off the charts, it isn’t as if instructors are struggling for work these days! Meaning, no they aren’t trying to prolong you booking your test.

They are the experts and will recommend you book your test when the time is right.

It is a process that can’t be rushed with the average person needing 40-50 hours of lessons before sitting their test.

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