Driving Test Success & MyDriveTime partnership offers new Theory Test tracking

MyDriveTime creates an exclusive partnership with Driving Test Success 4in1 that will help ADI’s stay connected with students during lockdown.

New Year, new lockdown, 2021’s bleak mid-winter. But MyDriveTime aims to bring ADIs a little warmth and light to see them through. Linking up with Driving Test Success 4in1 (the UK’s number one theory app), they are offering ADIs an exclusive opportunity to stay connected with their students during the lockdown, and beyond.

This exclusive new partnership between two leading organisations in driver training combines the best home-learning theory tool for learners with the best business management tool for ADIs. With it comes the real opportunity to attract and maintain contact with students, while helping them hone their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm for passing their theory and driving tests when test centres re-open.

Instructors using MyDriveTime will benefit from FREE real-time access to their pupils’ theory training activity and performance. This enables them to encourage study, track progress, discuss problems and provide remote-learning sessions in the absence of practical lessons; safe in the knowledge that they are recommending the best and most successful theory app for the job.

Students using the Driving Test Success 4in1 app can access the Pass Guarantee and benefit from following the inbuilt structured ‘Learner Plan’ alongside a raft of tools designed to maximise their chance of success, safe in the knowledge that they’re using the #1 theory app.

Driving Test Success has already helped over 14m users in the UK and has a 4.8 approval rating on both iOS and Android, with over 100,000 reviews, and enjoys a 97% pass rate (compared to the official UK 47.7%). No wonder it is the UK’s number 1 paid-for app and now part of the UK’s top driving instructor business management app, ensuring driving school and pupil success.

This partnership is a first for the industry and a brilliant marketing opportunity for all those signed up to MyDriveTime, with pupils benefiting from the unique ‘Theory Test 4in1 Pass Guarantee’.

Demand for driving lessons and driving tests will be at an all-time high when lockdown ends, so it is even more essential that students are ultra-prepared to pass their Theory and Practical driving tests. Failures will only lead to even longer waiting times, pupil disappointment and ADI frustration.

Daniel Hill, Founder of MyDriveTime says: “Your students’ driving test success is your driving school’s success. Our passion is making your business more effective and efficient, and we are delighted to be able to offer this new feature to our customers. You can stay connected with your students during the lockdown, keep them motivated while clearly tracking their theory progress, and offer remote (paid-for) sessions to help them with areas they are struggling to understand. The complete package unlocking the potential of your business and your pupils’ success.

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