Driving Test updates that you need to know about!

New measures are being introduced to encourage drivers to be more confident and ready for their Practical Driving Test.

The changes set to be implemented by the DVSA might cause a bit of a stir with learner drivers across the country, but the measures are designed to encourage drivers to only take their test once they’re fully prepared, upping their chances of passing.

The changes announced are going to affect the driving test booking system and are rumoured to start from summer.

Let’s get into it, what is going to change?

If you fail your test at the moment, you only have to wait 10 days to rebook another test. The new changes are increasing this wait time to 28 days.

Another extension that is being introduced is the notice period required for a driver to cancel their test. At the moment, if you want to cancel your test, or move your test date, it is no longer just three days’ notice that you need to give. DVSA has increased this to 10 days.

These changes are of course being introduced for a reason.

The changes will help the DVSA offer those better-prepared drivers the chance to book short-notice appointments instead, putting that test slot to ‘better use’.

The increase in learner drivers failing their driving tests indicates that many are not safe to drive alone, with more than 1 in 2 failing every test taken in the UK (53% overall fail rate).

Further to that, one in eight examiners was forced to physically intervene during a test for safety reasons.

A public consultation process took place in 2022 that found 37% of approved driving instructors who responded was in favour of the changes.

1 in 3 learner drivers said the changes to test cancellations would encourage them to only book their test once they were fully ready.

Some have complained about the long waiting times to get an appointment, despite many in the consultation admitting they’d happily wait for the tests when they were ready.

Drivers will still receive full refunds if they are ill or have an injury that prevents them from taking the test as the DVSA is still adhering to their policies.

Learner drivers and instructors will be contacted with the complete set of changes once the date has been confirmed for this summer.

If you are wondering whether you are test ready or not, check out the DVSA ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign which provides essential information on pre-test advice as well as a checklist you can follow that will make you test ready.

Check it out here, and see if you are ready to pass today – https://readytopass.campaign.gov.uk/

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