How to book your Theory Test

You’ve been busily revising for your driving Theory Test and now feel ready to book it! The easiest way to book the official DVSA car, motorcycle, lorry or bus driving Theory Test is online. Now you’re finally ready to book your driving Theory Test you may have a few questions about how to book it:

How do I book a Theory Test?

You can book a Theory Test online using the Gov’s online booking service. To book it you will need the following:

  • Your valid provisional driving licence number (Great Britain or Northern Ireland)
  • A credit or debit card to pay the fee
  • An email address (if you don’t have one then you’ll have to book by phone)

How much does it cost to book the Theory Test?

The car and motorcycle Theory Test costs £23.

The lorry (LGV) and bus (PCV) tests cost:

  • Part 1a (multiple-choice questions) – £26
  • Part 1b (hazard perception) – £11
  • Part 2 (case studies) – £23

Changes to confirmation methods when you book a Theory Test

As of December 2011, the DVSA don’t send out a letter of confirmation via post. These are now sent via email which means you will get your confirmation come through much quicker than before.

If you book your Theory Test over the phone and don’t have email, the DVSA will still post you a confirmation letter.

You will not need to bring either the letter or email confirmation to the Theory Test centre, just your driving licence.

Beware of sites that charge when you book a Theory Test

Please be aware when you book a Theory Test online that you only use the official booking service.

There are many websites out there that will offer to book your Theory Test for you but will also charge you a booking fee on top of the test fee. Some sites will charge as much as £50 or more for something that you can do yourself for FREE within a few minutes.

How do I book a Theory Test by phone?

If you would prefer to book your Theory Test by phone, you can call the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency on 0300 200 1122.

Are you sure you’re ready to book a Theory Test?

Please don’t book your Theory Test before you are ready. Wait until you feel confident, and you are achieving consistently high scores on the progress monitor included in our award-winning Theory Test 4 in 1 app.

That way you will save yourself time and money, and avoid the feeling of disappointment.

If you need a bit more revision then maybe consider our online DTS-Anytime service which can be accessed from any Internet connected device through a web browser – try it briefly for free via

Suitable for car and bike learners, in addition to those looking to be an ADI, this download lets you take unlimited mock tests with the latest DVSA revision questions, covering all you need to know for the Theory Test. You can even track your progress and see when you’re ready to take the real test with the detailed progress monitor!

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