How to de-ice your car in seconds!

How to de-ice your car in seconds – not something we thought we’d be saying in March!

‘WOW I’ve been driving for over 24 years and I just learned this’

This is not something we thought we would be writing about in the middle of March, but crazier things have happened. A lot of us have been waking up to blankets of snow this week, and we are here to save the day with more life hacks.

Last year, we posted a video on TikTok with this simple car hack and it blew up! A lot of people, even the most experienced drivers, didn’t know it existed!

When it snows, many of us turn to the trusty scraper, but we have a better solution that requires no graft whatsoever!

All you have to do is turn the heat high in your car and activate your windscreen fan. This will heat up the glass from the inside, helping to melt it on the outside. Then use your windscreen wipers to wipe the melted ice and water away, leaving your windscreen safe and clear to move off. This also means you get to sit in your toasty car and not outside in the cold!

You might be sitting there thinking, stating the obvious much, but let’s remember not everyone has experience in driving in different weather conditions.

If a learner passed in summer, they won’t have independently driven during the colder months yet, or even owned a car to have figured these things out. So that’s why we share these hacks so everyone, at all levels of experience, can have the same knowledge as each other.

We must advise you not to leave your car whilst the engine is running and avoid using your hands to wipe misted-up windows. This will just leave smear marks and you also run the risk of scratching your windows with any jewellery you may be wearing.

We also strongly recommend steering clear of using boiling water on your windscreen; this is a big no-no. Boiling water can in fact damage your window and can cause serious problems if you have any chips or cracks.

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