How To Renew Your ADI Registration

How To Renew Your ADI Registration

Renewing your ADI Registration and maintaining your Licence is an essential element to continue as an ADI professional, but don’t forget you’ll also need to pass the DBS check!

You should receive an email from the DVSA well in advance of your ADI Registration date reminding you to apply for your DBS check.

The DBS application can be completed online (the DVSA should send you PIN number and secret word) but will need to be checked at a main Post Office (check the GOV.UK website to find your local branch).

Renew your ADI registration online now

Remember: Once you are logged in, just tick the box to give DVSA permission to use your photo.

 How to renew if you don’t have a photocard licence

If you don’t have a photocard licence or don’t want the DVSA to use your photocard licence photo, you’ll have to send a recent passport-sized photo to DVSA.

You’ll also have to print out your application form and send it with your photo.

If you want to exchange your paper driving licence for a photocard, please visit the Direct Gov website.

How to renew your registration

Your registration as an ADI lasts for four years.

Before it runs out, you can apply for registration for another four-years, but you’ll need to ensure you get a criminal record disclosure before you apply for renewal.

You can find out more in DVSA’s guide to renewing your ADI registration.

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