Know your motorway manners

A recent poll revealed that out of 1,542 drivers, a third avoid driving on the motorway.* A different survey found that 55% of drivers felt nervous when driving in between cars and lorries on the motorway.

The multi-lane highway can be an overwhelming environment for learners and new drivers, so we wanted to share some advice that will make them a little more approachable.

Know your manners.

To the left to the left! 

The left-hand lane is going to be your best friend as a new driver on the motorway. If the road ahead is clear, stay left and only use the other lanes to overtake slower vehicles. Don’t hog the middle lane it can annoy other road users and you don’t want the added pressure of that!

Do you know the speed limit?

The speed limit on the motorway is 70mph so make sure you don’t exceed this. Be prepared to adjust your speed depending on the road conditions; heavy traffic, weather conditions or road signs. Also, keep your eyes open for potential speed changes! This isn’t uncommon if there has been an accident or if there are road works.

Keep those eyes peeled. 

Situations can form and change very quickly when travelling on the motorway so it is very important to be scanning your mirrors as much as possible so you can see any incidents early on.

Don’t get too close.

Always keep at least a 2-second gap between you and the car ahead, double this distance if the road conditions are wet as it takes longer to stop.

Overtake safely. 

Only overtake other vehicles on the right. Before doing so make sure you check your mirrors and that it is completely safe to move over lanes. Check over your right shoulder too to cover your blind spot. Don’t forget to signal in good time before switching lanes.

Driving on the motorway gets easier each time you do it, before you know it you’ll be confident in overtaking and joining the motorway! If a tricky situation does arise, keep your calm and avoid getting into any road range situations.



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