Motorcycle Module 1 – Practical Riding Test

Motorcycle Module 1 – Practical Riding Test

The motorcycle Practical Riding Test is split into two modules. You must pass the motorcycle module one before you can progress to module two.

The motorcycle module one is an off-road test which shows your ability to perform various manoeuvres.

Module one costs £15.50.

Module 2 costs £75.

You can book your test here.

What do I need to take to my motorbike Practical Riding Test?

You must make sure that you bring the correct things with you on the day of your riding test, otherwise, your test may be cancelled and you may lose your fee.

  • Your Theory Test pass certificate (or confirmation) if you are not exempt
  • Your UK photocard licence
  • Your compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate to both modules
  • A moped or motorbike (see more)

What manoeuvres will I need to demonstrate on the motorcycle module one?

The manoeuvres that need to be carried out at specific speeds will be tested in module 1 in a safe off-road environment, also known as a motorcycle manoeuvring area, which will take approximately 20 minutes.

On the day of the motorcycle module one test, you will be asked by the examiner to demonstrate your riding ability on either the left-hand or right-hand circuit.

Please note that the standard off-road layout may change due to local conditions on the casual sites.

You will be asked to perform the following:

  • wheel the moped or motorbike and use the stand
  • U-turn
  • do slalom and figure of eight
  • a slow ride
  • cornering and hazard avoidance
  • cornering and controlled stop
  • cornering and the emergency stop

At the end of your test, the examiner will give you the result and feedback from your test.

If you pass module one, you will receive a Test Pass Certificate which you MUST bring with you on the day of your module two test.

If you fail the module one test, you will not be permitted to take module two.

You will need to re-book module one and pass before you can progress to the next stage.

You have to choose a date at least 3 working days away.

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