Pass Guarantee – Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Pass Guarantee and your Learner Plan. If you have any additional concerns or if we haven’t covered something below, get in touch with us by contacting [email protected].

Which Vehicles are covered by the Theory Test Pass Guarantee?

The Theory Test Pass Guarantee covers only Car and Motorcycle theory tests.

Claiming a Refund

How will my refund be processed?

Once you have submitted the required information and we have verified your claim, we will contact you via email to find out how you would like your Theory Test fee refunded back to you (either via PayPal or bank transfer). Please allow up to a maximum of 10 working days for the refund to be processed.

Theory Test Fees
  • Car Theory Test = £23
  • Motorcycle Theory Test = £23

Note: When refunds are processed via PayPal, PayPal will retain a small fee from the £23.00 sent meaning you receive slightly less thn £23 (currently, in 2023, you’ll receive about £22.03).

Do I need to re-book my Theory Test?

Yes, it is your responsibility to re-book your Theory Test after you have received your refund.

Where do I find my App Store receipt?

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Tap your Name (at the top of the settings screen)
  3. Tap “Media & Purchases”
  4. Tap “View account” – you might be asked to sign in
  5. Scroll to and tap “Purchase History”. To see purchases made more than 90 days ago, tap “Last 90 Days” then select a date range
  6. Find the “Theory Test 4-in-1” app, then tap “Total Billed”
  7. Check the receipt page shows “Theory Test 4-in-1” and your “Order ID” – screenshot the receipt and attach it to your reply to this email
  1. Visit and sign in with the Google account through which you purchased the app – this can be done most easily by opening the link on your Android phone where you use the app
  2. On the left, tap/click “Activity” (on a phone: tap the three bar “menu” button, top left, to see “Activity”)
  3. Scroll to find and tap/click your Theory Test 4-in-1 app purchase entry
  4. Scroll to ensure the 4-in-1 app’s name and your “Transaction ID” (starting “GPA”) are both visible
  5. Take a screenshot and attach it to your reply to this email

I failed my Theory Test but completed my Learner Plan, how do I make a Pass Guarantee claim?

Remember you’re only eligible to receive your test fee back if you have completed ALL your goals at 100% (and only one claim per person). If you have completed everything required at 100%, please go back into your 4 in 1 app within the Learner Plan area where you will be asked if you’ve passed your test. By selecting ‘no’, you can then begin your claim process by uploading your proof of purchase (App Store receipt) and your test fail sheet.

A member of our team will be in contact with you, to organise your prefered method of payment if you’re fully eligible for your test fee back. Please note that you have a maximum of 7 days from the date of submission of your Pass Guarantee claim to provide Driving Test Success with all the required information. We will make a minimum of two attempts to contact you, but if after 7 days we do not receive the requested information, your claim will be cancelled and you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

Your Learner Plan will need to look like this in order for you to be eligible:

Scoring and Points

How many points do I need to achieve 96% in my Theory Test?

In order to achieve a 96% pass rate you will need to score:
Car & Bike = 48 out of 50

How many points do I need to achieve 80% in my Hazard Perception Test?

In order to achieve a 80% pass rate you will need to score:
Car & Bike = 60 out of 75

Why do I have to achieve 80% to qualify as a pass in Hazard mock test mode?

This is the percentage we believe allows you to be fully prepared, educated, confident and ready to sit your Theory Test. We strongly recommend that you download all 85 hazard perception clips to help broaden your learning. Revising from the same clips over and over again will be detrimental to your learning, so it’s essential that you make good use of all the hazard perception clips that are available.

Why do I have to achieve 96% to qualify as a pass in Theory mock test mode?

As the DVSA don’t release the official questions you’ll be asked in your test, they have created revision questions worded similar to what you can expect to see in your test. It’s important to fully understand all questions and answers across all different category topics. Scoring 96% or higher is a good indication that you have a thorough understanding of what is being asked of you, allowing you to be fully prepared and test ready.

Progress Monitoring

Why are my mock test results not counting towards my goal?

In order to achieve your Learner Plan goals, you need to make sure you are hitting the minimum percentages to qualify.

Theory = 96% (48/50)
Hazard Perception = 80% (60/75)

If you have passed a mock test but haven’t achieved the minimum requirements, they will not count towards your goal. Don’t be disheartened, if you are passing you are already doing a great job! Just a few more points and you will be Pass Guarantee ready!

Why have I lost my progress in my mock test goal?

Your mock test goals are centered around the input of your real Theory Test date. Therefore you’re unable to carry across your mock test progress, as factors such as your percentage score, how often you pass tests and within a 14 day window count towards your mock test goals.

I am achieving the minimum percentage to pass, why is this not contributing to my goal?

This may be because you haven’t entered your real Theory Test date. You can add this in your Learner Plan area. It’s important to add your Theory Test date as a number of goals are calculated on your test date.

If I revise outside of the Learner Plan, will it still count towards my goal?

Yes, so long as you have successfully set up your Pass Guarantee you can use your app as normal, via the main menu buttons as well through the Pass Guarantee area.

I am struggling to achieve the goals in my Learner Plan, what can I do?

Don’t panic, everyone has their own revision style and pace. There’s no right or wrong way to learn! Our advice is to take your time, try revising small bite sized chunks each day to gradually build your knowledge without feeling overwhelmed.

If you have your Theory Test date booked and you’re not feeling quite ready, remember you can change the date of your test free of charge, so long as you give 3 clear working days’ notice. (Sundays and public holidays don’t count as working days). If you do change your Theory Test date remember to update your app immediately to include your new test date.

Driving Test Success Blog – Full of helpful tips and advice

Driving Test Success Learner Hub – Ask questions and pick up hints/tips from other learners and driving instructors

How do I view my progress in my Learner Plan?

You can keep track of your progress by taking a look at the traffic light system next to each goal. You can also view your Theory Test practise and mock tests progress by tapping the progress icon in your Learner Plan area.

Pass Guarantee and Learner Plan

Do I have to pay for the Pass Guarantee?

No, Pass Guarantee is a totally free feature that can only be found exclusively within the Driving Theory 4 in 1 app.

Is Pass Guarantee mode available in all Driving Test Success apps?

No, this FREE premium feature can only be found in the paid version of the Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 app, which is available on the iOS, Android and Amazon App Stores.

How do I sign up for Pass Guarantee?

You can sign up by heading over to the ‘Theory Test’ area of your app, tap the gold button ‘Activate Pass Guarantee’ and follow the onscreen  instructions to set up your Pass Guarantee account.

Where is Pass Guarantee mode in my 4 in 1 app?

To activate your Pass Guarantee account, head over to your green Theory Test main menu, you will see a gold button at the top of your screen saying ‘Activate Pass Guarantee’. Follow the steps onscreen to register and activate your Pass Guarantee account.

How much revision is needed in order to qualify for the Pass Guarantee?

To qualify for a full refund on your Theory Test fee, you must be able to show us that you have followed our structured learning plan within the Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 app as outlined below:

Correctly answer all questions across all Theory Test categories (ensure that the vehicle category question bank matches your Theory Test booking).
Successfully pass a minimum of 5 mock Theory Tests scoring 96% or higher, 3 of which must be passed consecutively within 14 days of your test.
Watch the Hazard Perception introduction video.
Achieve a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars across the 20 Essential Revision Clips as part of the Hazard Perception practise.
Successfully pass a minimum of 5 mock Hazard Perception Tests scoring 80% or higher, 3 of which must be passed consecutively within 14 days of your test.

Everyone learns at a different pace so it’s difficult to give a precise time as to how long this should take. However, on average, we estimate that you should be able to complete the structured learning plan within around 15 hours. This may seem like a lot of time, but by doing a little revision every day, you’ll soon find yourself at test standard.

How do I access my Learner Plan?

After successfully setting up your Pass Guarantee account. The gold button on your Theory Test menu will now read ‘View Pass Guarantee Progress’ upon tapping this button you will find your personal Learner Plan goals.

How do I use the Learner Plan?

You will have 4 Theory Test goals and 4 Hazard Perception goals to complete, tap the arrow on each goal to expand to see more details. You can tap the button for each goal that will take you directly into the area to make a start on completing that goal. The goals use a traffic light system. When you begin, each traffic light will be on red. As you start progressing through your learner plan, they will start turning amber. Only once each section is completed in full will it turn to green. Once all goals have turned green you’ll be test ready. You can complete your goals in any order, the app will track your progress and automatically set the colours of your traffic lights for you.

I have been revising before I registered for the Pass Guarantee, will I have to start my revision again from scratch?

If you have started your learning before activating your Pass Guarantee, then the following progress will be carried over:
Correctly answered Theory Test questions
Introduction Hazard Perception help video
20 CGI Hazard clips – Scores of 4 or 5

The following goals will need to be completed again after setting up your Pass Guarantee account:
5x Theory Mock Test – 96% or higher
Pass 3 Theory Mock Tests back to back within 14 days of your test date
5x Hazard Perception Mock Test – 805 or higher
Pass 3 Hazard Mock Tests back to back within 14 days of your test date

How do I delete my Pass Guarantee account?

On your Learner Plan screen, tap the settings icon on the footer of your screen and select ‘Delete my Pass Guarantee account’.

What happens if I don’t have a test date when I begin my Learner Plan?

That’s ok you can still start with your learning. However, it’s important to remember you MUST complete and pass 3 Theory & Hazard mock tests at the required percentages, passing the 3 tests back to back, within 14 days of your real test date.

Can I transfer my Learner Plan progress across to a different device?

You can transfer your progress by recovering your account on your new device. You can do this by tapping ‘Activate Pass Guarantee’ > ‘Recover account’ Make sure you use the same name and email address you have previously used to create your account.

Can I update the name on my Pass Guarantee account once registered?

If for any reason you need to update the name on your Pass Guarantee account then you will need to contact Driving Test Success directly. For minor changes such as a spelling mistake, we will update at any stage of your learning. However, if you require the name updating to someone completely different, then this will only be changed as long as you have completed less than 10% of the Learner Plan.  We will under exceptional circumstances update the name outside of the 10% window if adequate proof can be provided to Driving Test Success of a name change by law, then we will update accordingly on your behalf.

I am using the app on multiple devices, will my progress on each device contribute to my Learner Plan?

No unfortunately not, you need to pick a device to learn on and stick with that device. In the event you move to another device you can backup your progress on the original device, recover your account on the new device, transfer your previous progress and resume your learning.

How do I view the terms and conditions for the Pass Guarantee scheme?

You can view the Pass Guarantee terms and conditions within your app by going into your Learner Plan area, tap the 4th icon along on the footer of your screen (A file with a tick icon). Alternatively you can take a look at the T&C’s online here –


I think my Learner Plan is not tracking my scores properly, what can I do?

If you think something doesn’t look right or isn’t tracking correctly, please send us an email at [email protected], so we can take a look into this for you.

Why is the voice over function not working in my Learner Plan?

Ensure sound is turned on in your Theory Test settings, head back over to your Learner Plan area and tap the replay icon in the top right hand corner.

The Pass Guarantee scheme isn’t showing in my app, how do I resolve this?

Your app might need updating, just pop over to your App Store to check for any pending updates. If you need any further help get in touch at [email protected]


Open the iOS App Store
Tap on your Apple ID profile picture in the top right corner
If you have updates already pending, they’ll be at the bottom of your screen. If you want to refresh the list, just pull down
If you have updates pending, tap ‘Update’ next to the Driving Test Success 4 in 1 app icon


Open the Google Play Store app
Tap the menu icon in the top left hand corner
Tap My apps & games
If you have an update pending the Driving Test Success 4 in 1 app icon will be shown with an ‘Update’ button next to it. Tap ‘Update’ to start the update to your app

If there is a question we haven’t covered here please do let us know by contacting [email protected]

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