Revising for my Theory Test – Diary of a Learner

Since the start of my driving lessons I’ve been revising for my Theory Test.

If anyone reading this hasn’t taken their theory test because they haven’t started driving lessons yet, I would really advise that you get your theory test done and out the way.

I’ve been using the Driving Test Success Theory Test 4 in 1 App and the Hazard Perception PC Download to prepare myself.

Since there are approximately 800+ revision questions to go through I knew that this would take a lot of time to study.

So I set myself 15 mins twice every day to use my theory test app.

Once on the way to work on the train using my Android phone and last thing in the day when I get in to bed with my iPad.

I’m a methodological learner so I wanted to learn by chunks.

The Driving Test Success Theory Test app allow you to do this via official revision categories:

Alertness, Attitude, Safety and your Vehicle, Safety Margins, Hazard Awareness, Vulnerable Road Users, Other Types of Vehicle, Vehicle Handling, Motorway Rules, Rules of the Road, Road and Traffic Signs, Documents, Incidents Accidents & Emergencies and finally Vehicle Loading.

14 categories in total!

I was tempted to immediately jump in to the app’s Mock Theory Test section as I was keen to see how much I’d get without doing any revision but I thought this will only achieve one of two negative things:

I get a high score and feel overconfident failing to revise properly.

I get a really low score and get too despondent about passing.

My method of revision was as follows: – 15 minutes in the morning on the train and 15 minutes at the end of the day in bed.

Do each category individually and revise each category according to questions not yet seen.

Once all questions from a category have been seen revised according to questions I got wrong, I made sure I got 100% on all the questions in a category before moving on to another.

Once all categories are done do mock tests only – upon getting at least 47 out of 50 consistently on mock tests, move on to revising for the hazard perception part of the theory test.

I’ve now been consistently getting 48+ out of 50 in my mock tests so I’ll be moving on to studying for my hazard perception next!

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