School crossing patrol road sign – what to do

As with all red and triangular signs, the school crossing patrol road sign means a warning.

In this instance, you should particularly careful as there are clearly children involved who may be distracted and run into the road.

Along with the school crossing patrol road sign, you may have also spotted a flashing amber light too. These are turned on and off manually at the times the crossing is in operation.

This sign may also be situated actually on a zebra or light controlled crossing, or just on the roadway, so it’s important to be aware at all times.

What to be aware of when you see the school crossing patrol road sign:

  • To stop the traffic the patrol person will lift their stop sign (the lollipop) and cause the traffic to stop. You must obey this sign. If you do not stop this is an offence and remember, there are children involved, so be sensible.
  • Once the traffic is stopped in both directions, the patrol will step into the middle of the road and will assist the children/adults to cross
  • Once the children are safely on the other side of the road, the patrol officer will return to the kerb and allow the traffic to carry on with their journey. You will get a ‘thank you’ wave hopefully!
  • Should this be on a dual carriageway, there may be two people on duty, or, they will assist with one carriageway and then the other.

Remember, when you are not driving you are a pedestrian, so treat the crossings with care and attention, and follow the appropriate safety rules.

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