The perfect Driving Theory Test revision plan

The perfect Driving Theory Test revision plan

With our 24 years of experience, we thought we’d share our expertise and create the perfect Driving Theory Test revision plan for you to follow.

Once you’ve decided that passing the Theory Test is a goal you have to achieve, you’ve probably realised that your Driving Theory Test revision plan is what will make the difference between a first-time pass and a fail.

It ‘s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge you need, but by following our Driving Theory Test revision plan, you’ll be ready to take that test with confidence.

The complete guide to our Driving Theory Test revision plan

First things first; make sure you’ve downloaded our award-winning Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App.

It’s only £4.99 and is available for both iOS and Android devices.
Just click the image below:

Once you have the app, we advise you to split your revision plan into 5 separate modules that have been outlined within this guide.

Take each module one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed with large chunks of revision all at the same time.

Following each module will ensure you’re covering everything involved in the official Theory Test.

This will include:

  1. The Practice Mode
  2. Mock Theory Tests
  3. The Hazard Perception Tests
  4. The Highway Code revision
  5. Road Signs revision

1. Driving Theory Test revision plan – the Practice Mode

You should start your Driving Theory Test revision with lots of practice questions! Follow the steps below and you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll advance.

  • Select the vehicle question bank you would like to revise from for your Theory Test.
  • Head over to the ‘Practise’ section, where you can select all categories or individual categories to practise by tapping on the category name. The category will turn green once selected.
  • Each category will display how many Theory Test revision questions there are along with how many questions you’ve answered correctly or incorrectly, and the overall percentage of that category covered.
  • Select the number of Theory Test questions you would like to revise, but bear in mind that 50 questions are likely to take you approximately 1 hour to answer, and to understand all explanations. We recommend small batches of 10/20 questions; this allows you to digest the answers easier, and learn more effectively.
  • The more practice sessions you take, the more your confidence will grow, so try to make time to take as many mock theory sessions as you can in the run-up to your Theory Test!
  • The ‘Question type’ is the key tool to use to ensure the entire revision question bank is covered. The best process to follow is to revise
  • Questions not yet seen’ (repeatedly, maximum 50 questions – ensure you have sufficient time to answer them all, reduce the number if time is short) and when all have been seen select ‘Previously answered incorrectly’.
  • If you’re not sure of the correct answer, tap the “HINT” button to read the official DVSA explanation.
    Also look for the “ILS” (Intelligent Learning System) button at the bottom of the screen – it will show you related text from the Highway Code, related information from the Road Signs component or a related video.
  • If you see a tricky question you want to come back to later, tap the ‘Heart’ icon. This question will then be automatically added to ‘My questions’ for you to revisit and view the correct answer.
  • English voiceover is available for all revision questions and explanations. Simply turn this on/off in the top right-hand corner.
  • Your practice results will be shown along with your best and worst-performing categories. We strongly advise that you review your answers to get a full understanding of all questions!
  • If you’re having trouble remembering your stopping distances (one of the toughest topics for learners), use the exclusive Stopping Distance 3D Simulator to help you learn, remember and visualise!
  • Have a particular Theory Test question you would like to revise? Head over to ‘Search questions’ to search keywords from all questions, answers, explanations and case studies.
  • If you struggle with dyslexia and reading difficulties, we’ve carefully handpicked four colours recommended by the British Dyslexia Association, to help you read large amounts of text easier and clearer – check the options via “Profile, Settings, Theme”.
  • Check out all our helpful tips and information for everything you need to know and what to expect on the day of Theory Test by tapping the ‘Info’ icon from the Theory Test main menu. Alternatively, use the search function right here on the website!
  • Once you have completed all the above steps and have a full understanding of all categories and revision questions, you should then proceed to the mock tests section detailed below.

2. Mock Driving Theory Test revision plan

We highly recommend that you are confidently passing a minimum of five consecutive mock tests with high pass rates (over the actual car/motorcycle theory test’s 43 out of 50 pass mark), with at least 5 minutes remaining from the 57 minutes allocated for the mock test before even thinking of booking an official Theory Test.

Ideally, you’ll be completing more than this minimum to give you the best possible chances!

  • You can take an unlimited amount of mock Driving Theory Tests with the app, so we advise you to make use of it! You will have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions, and you must answer at least 43 correctly to pass your mock test.
  • Flag any questions you’re having difficulty with to revisit at the end of your test. This is an option you will have available to you in your official Theory Test too.
  • The more mock tests you take, the more experience you’ll have of sitting under real Driving Theory Test conditions. Our app is structured just like the official Theory Test to make you test-confident!
  • Your progress can be tracked daily for each practice and mock Theory Test you take, highlighting your most recent score, best/worst category, and the ability to review your answers from each test.
  • In order to achieve a first-time pass, please do not book your Theory Test until you have read and thoroughly understood all the DVSA revision questions, explanations and answers!

3. Hazard Perception Driving Theory Test revision plan

We highly recommend you start by watching the Hazard Perception introduction video in the app to fully understand what to expect during your Hazard Perception Test (this can be re-watched at any point, located on the main menu).

  • Practise all 85 Hazard Perception video clips included within the app. Each clip is 1 minute long, so to watch and review all 85 clips this will take approximately 3 hours. Don’t panic! They don’t all need to be done in one go; aim to do a minimum of 5 clips a day and build your learning day by day.
  • We recommend you begin with the 34 DVSA CGI clips as these represent what you can expect in the official DVSA Theory Test.
  • Tailor your learning to filter your video clips to ‘view all clips’, ‘unseen clips’, ‘low scoring clips’ and the DVSA CGI clips.
  • During your official Hazard Perception Test, you will watch 14 hazard clips. 13 clips will contain 1 hazard, but 1 clip will contain 2 scorable hazards; equalling 15 scorable hazards (so don’t assume that you can relax once you think you have identified one hazard). For more advice about what a hazard is, and when you should click, read our ‘Know when to click’ blog.
  • When in review mode, familiarise yourself with the way the scoring window is broken down for each clip to maximise your chance of scoring top marks.
  • When you feel confident, take unlimited mock tests for your vehicle category type. A complete mock test will take around 15 minutes; perfect for a lunch hour, bus or train journey!
  • Your overall score and PASS or FAIL verdict will be presented after your mock test. At this stage, you can review all clips viewed during your mock test. We strongly recommend reviewing each clip to allow you to identify the mistakes made and what to look out for next time.
  • Beware of the cheat detection system software that is active in our app, and importantly, also active within the official test! Try to avoid rapid, patterned, or repeated tapping.
  • Our useful Hazard Perception help section can be found via the ‘Info’ icon on the Hazard Perception main menu.

4. The Highway Code revision plan

The entire Highway Code is broken down into bite-sized subject sections in our app to help you to digest large amounts of information.

  • Start by tapping ‘Learn’ in The Highway Code section.
  • Work your way through each section. Once you have read, fully understood, and feel confident with each Highway Code rule, tap on the eye or numbered circle to highlight this as complete and tap again to mark as incomplete.
  • The ‘>’ icon will change colour based on your progress throughout each section:

Grey = Section not yet studied

Amber = Section partially studied

Blue = Section complete

  • If you have a particular word or phrase you would like to search for, use the search tool within ‘Learn‘ for a quick and easy way to find the information.
  • If you’re studying a particular section or rule that you would like to revisit at a later date, you can use the bookmark feature located in the top bar. Tap the bookmark icon to automatically store this rule to your bookmarks which can be accessed from The Highway Code main menu.
  • To zoom and expand a road sign or real-life image, simply tap to view in full-screen mode.
  • If you’re looking to revise a particular subject visit the ‘Index’ section from the main menu. Scroll up and down to tap the required letter to automatically jump to the subject you want to study.
  • Keep a track of your Highway Code progress, as sections that haven’t been viewed will be shown here.
  • Test your knowledge and understanding of The Highway Code with a fun quick-fire multiple-choice quiz. Spin the wheel to reveal your category, and answer as many questions as possible before time runs out. At the end of the quiz, you will be presented with your score and have the option to review your answers to see where you went wrong.

5. Road Signs – The Driving Theory Test revision plan

All road signs are contained in 7 categories in the app, which then break down into sub-categories, allowing you to navigate easily to a required sign.

  • Read the short description of each road sign for key information you need to know.
  • Take note of common additional road signs you can expect to accompany each road sign.
  • Tap ‘Photos’ to view real-life images of everyday road signs you can expect to see on the UK roads.
  • My signs’ is a smart feature which allows you to add all your favourite signs in one place. Tap the heart icon to save to ‘My signs’ to revisit at a later date.
  • If you would like to quickly locate a road sign, visit ‘Find a sign’ from the road signs main menu to scroll through over 500 road signs.
  • Test your road signs knowledge with our multiple-choice quiz. Answer 10, 20 or 30 questions, then view your results and answers.
  • Play our fun interactive road signs game! Simply steer your car left to right avoiding oncoming traffic, and steer into a road sign to answer a question about it. WARNING! This game is very addictive!

We hope this Driving Theory Test revision plan has been really helpful for you!

Remember to follow each module before moving onto the next so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Everyone from the Driving Test Success team wishes you the best of luck with your revision and your official Theory Test.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on, and join our Facebook Learner Hub for more help and advice!

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