What do I need to bring to the Theory Test centre?

What do I need to bring to the Theory Test centre?

You have your Driving Theory Test booked and are now wondering exactly what you’ll need to bring to the Theory Test centre?  

The most important document you’ll need to bring to your Theory Test is your photocard driving licence (provisional driving licence).

However, if you’re in Northern Ireland, you’ll need to bring the photocard AND the paper counterpart licence.

If you have an old-style paper licence you will need to bring your signed driving licence along with a valid passport. If you don’t have a passport you must apply for your photocard licence.

The DVSA are very strict with these rules and will not accept any other forms of photographic identification.

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Lost your driving licence?

If you’ve lost your provisional driving licence, you’ll need to apply for a new one which could take up to 15 days to arrive.

Once you’ve received your replacement driving licence you can book your Theory Test.

Remember that you’ll have to rearrange your Theory Test date if you’re still waiting for your new licence to arrive!

It is extremely important to note that your Theory Test will not go ahead if you do not bring the right documentation with you to the Theory Test centre.

If you do not have these required documents then you will have lost your Theory Test fee and cannot claim it back.

Your personal belongings at the Theory Test Centre

When you arrive at the Theory Test Centre, you must store ALL your personal belongings in a locker. This will include any bags, mobile phones, earplugs and watches.

The centre staff will check that you don’t have anything on your person that could be used to cheat.

If you don’t let them check then your test will not go ahead.

Taking Theory Test fraud seriously

In recent years, there have been a number of people caught when trying to cheat on the Theory Test.

In most cases, they use hidden Bluetooth earpieces linked to a mobile phone where they are ‘fed’ the answers.

These ‘Bluetooth cheats’ are always prosecuted and have received heavy fines and sometimes jail sentences.

DVSA figures show they investigated 467 cases of fraud using wireless technology in 2016. Since then, 50 people were awarded prison sentences for their part in this Theory Test fraud, showing how seriously this is taken.

DVSA’s Head of Fraud and Integrity, Andy Rice, commented that:

“Although instances of Bluetooth fraud are rare in relation to the 1.8m Theory Tests which are taken each year, the DVSA continues to take them seriously and work closely with the police to bring offenders to justice.” He also went on to say that: “Theory Test centre staff are trained to spot the signs of fraud.”

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you only book your Theory Test when you’re certain you’re ready.

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