21 Day Theory Challenge – Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit

21 Day Theory Challenge – Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit

Many of you are coming to terms with the new reality of being in “lockdown”. As you know the Theory Test centres are closed until April 20, so along with all of you, the team here at Driving Test Success are also learning to live with our own new reality.  Due to this, lots of us are now spending our days in the comfort of our home; but with the rise of company closurers, lots of us are now wondering how to fill this new spare time.

We always look forward to find ways to overcome challenges, so for those of you who are looking to turn our current situation into a positive, we have launched a new initiative.

Introducing the 21 Day Theory Challenge

This challenge is here to help motivate new and existing learners to make the most of this down time, and ensure you come out the other side ready to pass your Theory Test as soon as the doors reopen! The challenge is simple, here’s what you have to do to get involved…

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1. Complete Learner Plan 

Follow your structured revision plan and complete all goals.  There are 8 goals to complete in total, which cover both the Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception parts of the Theory Test. 

What is the Learner Plan you say?

The Learner Plan forms the framework of our Pass Guarantee scheme. This structured revision plan is made up of individual goals that have been designed to pull together all of the essential Theory Test revision topics. If followed and completed step by step, you are guaranteed to strike a pass or your test fee back (cool right?).

Regardless of your learning style and knowledge level, there is so much noise and endless Theory Test information online, which can sometimes confuse or overwhelm learners. Our Learner Plan has done the hard work for you by laying out a clear set of goals and study topics that will aid you throughout your revision process.

Our Pass Guarantee Learner Plan uses a traffic light system, which allows you to easily see how you’re progressing. When incomplete each goal will display a red light, then amber when you’re in progress, and finally green once completed.  Click here to find out more.

2. Share your results     

Share your Learner Plan % progress in our Learner Hub Facebook Group for a chance to win weekly prizes. 

To make sure we all stay connected throughout the challenge, we wanted to make this a little more interesting. Every week we will be asking those of you who are taking part in the challenge to share a screenshot of your learner plan progress so far, and let us know how you are getting on. Out of those who submit their results in our group, we will choose at random a member to receieve a prize.

3. 21 Days (3 Weeks)  

Complete the challenge in 21 days to be ready to pass your Theory Test, when centres reopen!

The DVSA have announced that the Theory Test centres will be reopen on April 20th. If you use this “lockdown” time to get involved with our challenge and follow our structured Learner Plan, you will go from zero to hero in 3 weeks and be ready to sit and pass your Theory Test.  Aside from that, what a great achievement will it be? Studying for your Theory Test amongst the struggles of our day to day lives is challenging, but amongst the chaos, most of us can take this opportunity to really master our Theory Test knowledge and be ready to hit the ground running when all systems resume.

Use this time to make some real progress in achieving your goals.

What do I need to get involved?

1. Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit

All you will need to go from zero to hero is our No.1 best selling Theory Test app. Using this you can revise with full confidence knowing you have EVERYTHING you need to pass your 2020 Theory Test first time, or we’ll give you your test fee back if you fail!

2. Join our Facebook Group – Learner Hub

To make sure you are connected with our community and have the chance to win weekly prizes,  you will need to join our Learner Hub Facebook Group. Our group is the biggest online learner community with over 11,000 members, made up of learner drivers and driving instructors. Here we have daily discussions about all things driving related and have expert knowledge on tap at the click of a button. (All you need to join the group is to have an active Facebook profile)

3. Fighting Spirit

To make sure you are geared up for success, you need to get out your fighting spirit. We are in super challenging times at the moment and on top of this, the Theory Test is pretty tough! However, with the right mindset and the support of us all here at Driving Test Success, you will smash your way through this challenge and be ready to take on the Theory Test with ease when the time comes!

21 Day Theory Challenge - Driving Test Success

You now have everything you need to take on this challenge and make some headway in achieving your goal of learning to drive! Have some further questions? Pop our team a message (we would love some human interaction whilst working from home right now!)

Are you ready to take on the 21 day Theory Challenge? Of course you are! Get started now.

For those of you who are unable to take the challenge due to key worker commitments, we would like to say on behalf of Driving Test Success, a huge thank you for your incredible work on keeping us all safe at this challenging time. You guys are the real heros!

Practical Driving Test App - Driving Test Success

Don’t have an Android device? Check out our Practical Driving Test Success Anytime subscription which you can access on all devices.

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