Need some last-minute advice for passing your Theory Test?

Revision is something we naturally don’t want to do, so pushing it back to the last minute isn’t completely uncommon. So, if you are sitting there feeling like we are talking about you, then let us help; it isn’t too late to bag a pass for your Theory Test that you’ve been neglecting…

Firstly, you will find your test much easier if you revise with our Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App, at only £4.99. It has also been Apple’s best-selling app for the past FIVE years, need we say more?

But, here are some of our revision Theory Test tips that will help you through your test:

  • Did you know there are over 730 potential questions in the DVSA revision bank that could pop up in your test? That’s a lot! Advice number one is to make sure you have seen every single question that you might be asked.
  • To help this, use ‘settings’ in your 4 in 1 app to select ‘questions not yet seen’ and ‘questions previously answered incorrectly’ to make sure you’ve seen every question and to also nail the ones that you are getting wrong.
  • Really focus on the topics that are well-known for being hard; stopping distances, reflective studs, essential documents, emergency vehicles and also safety in your vehicle.
  • Make sure you are passing at least five mock tests consecutively and have at least five minutes spare at the end of every test.
  • Flag any questions that you struggle with so you can go back and practice.
  • We recommend one minute per question. Re-read each question and set of answers twice to really ensure you understand what it is asking you.

Do you know what you need to do when the day finally comes?

The most important thing you need to remember is to take your provisional driving licence with you! If you do not take it, the test will not go ahead.

If you can’t find yours, apply for a replacement at least 15 days before your test date as they can take some time to come. Apply for a new licence here.

You can’t take any personal items with you into the test room, including:

  • Mobile phones,
  • Earphones,
  • Watches,
  • Bags.

Basically, nothing that you can use to cheat!

Now you know what to expect, it is time to get some last-minute revision in. Make sure you take full advantage of the mock Theory Tests that we offer on our app where you can take as many as you need to.

If you are really feeling unsure about your test, why not move it? You don’t need to beat yourself up about it; you’d much rather have a go at it once you are feeling completely ready, and that it is actually likely that you might pass!

You have three working days’ notice to be able to move your test date for free, it’s always there as an option.

But if you do move your test date, don’t leave your revision to the last minute again…

Activate our Pass Guarantee on the 4 in 1 app to follow a learner plan that will guarantee you a pass. If you do fail, we promise to pay back your test fee! It’s a win-win.

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